Keto Cleanse

How Can Eating More Fat Be the Key to Having the Body of Your Dreams?

Here’s how it works: The body can burn both fat and carbs for fuel – it’s kind of like having a hybrid car inside of us. Carbs are quick burning fuel like gasoline and fat is a longer lasting fuel source like a super charged solar battery. Once your body learns how to use fat for fuel,  it’s like having a super charged solar battery inside of you!

Unfortunately, getting into Ketosis, where your body is mainly burning fat for fuel, as a modern day human is not an easy thing. In clinical studies, it takes 4-6 weeks before participants are “Keto adapted” and able to burn fat easily.  And, if you’re trying to get into Ketosis on your own, it’s challenging to know what and how to eat to get your body to start burning fat and using Ketones for fuel. People even report getting something called the “Keto Flu” when they are trying to get into ketosis because their bodies struggle with changing over to use fat for fuel.

At Vitaliti Wellness, we have cracked the code on healthy and easy fat burning using the power of Ketones. And, we are committed to helping people learn how to start using this amazing fuel source. Because the benefits are too great to not understand how to harness this process!

The Keto Cleanse Class Series
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Learn More about our New Favorite Easy Button, Ketone Supplements

Learn the secrets that will increase your energy, strengthen mental focus, and maximize wellness and weight loss. Achieve your optimum body composition and metabolic rate, while gaining muscle and eliminating toxins—and feeling better than you ever have!

Learn how your body works best. Learn how to safely enter the ketosis state, with or without supplements, to have your body performing at its best. 

The in-person program includes  classes taught by Ti Caudron, Phd and team; Question and Answer time with Group Coaching; and virtual support. You will receive virtual access to the presentations and program information;  weekly weigh-ins on our metabolic scale (to track changes in fat mass, inflammation and muscle) and coaching on your results; nutritional direction, based on your goals.

The virtual program includes recorded live videos and all the same materials.

Our vision is to help you discover how to upgrade your body and mind using the proven science of bio hacking & ketones. To assist you in entering a state of high mental, physical and emotional performance every single day.

You know this program is for you if:

  • You love Vitaliti Wellness Programs but you would like something DIFFERENT.
  • You’re hoping there is a less rigid eating style out there that could help you get to your goals.
  • You want to integrate more fat into your diet. Higher fat foods like avocado and coconut make you feel satiated and energized.
  • You love salt and would like the freedom to use a good quality salt on your food. 
  • You love coffee and want to know how you can integrate coffee into a quality nutrition program.
  • You are curious about what a well-formulated ketogenic diet is. Is there a way to stay safe? Do you have to eat so much meat? 
  • You or your friends have tried Atkins, Paleo, Primal or Ancestral Health nutrition.
  • You like Tim Ferriss or Dave Asprey. Basically, you’re a biohacker, and want the most your body has to offer. 
  • You can’t face all the “rules” behind traditional eating programs, and you want to experiment with another eating style

As in all Vitaliti Wellness programs, you do not have to use any of the recommended supplements to participate in the class. We do recommend Keto Supp as an “easy button” to make you more successful, as well as other products that will help you maximize your results.

Using whole foods and optional easy button supplements, this class gives you the structure to take advantage of this incredible eating style that turns on your body’s native ability to be a dual fuel, fat burning machine and turbo charge your brain! 


All of the Vitaliti Wellness Programs are created by Ti Caudron, PhD, a life-long health and wellness advocate, qualified coach and corporate wellness consultant. Considered the local premier San Francisco Bay Area wellness & weight loss expert, Vitaliti receives great acclaim from its clients. We develop our programs based on the most cutting-edge scientific nutrition research, whole-food and whole-meal strategies, with optional supplemental nutritional support.

Vitaliti Wellness programs are not medically supervised programs. They are wellness programs taught by Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coaches and designed for healthy adults. Please check with your health care professional before changing your diet or starting any supplements, particularly if you are under medical care or on medication. Do not go off of any medication without guidance from your health care professional.