Discover How Smart People With Sensitive Metabolisms Who Suffer from Stomach Problems Are Breaking Through To Feeling (AND LOOKING) Great!
A Course to Restore Gut Health and Reset Your Metabolism (even if nothing has worked for you before and you gain weight when you look at chocolate cake) — Taught by Ti Caudron, PhD and Tonya White
Dear Smart, Successful Person With a Sensitive Metabolism Who is Suffering, 

Bloated? Belly Fat?  Fighting sugar cravings? 

Having trouble losing weight?

If so, I know you’ve done a lot of research to try to figure out why you can’t beat this recurring issue you have with your body. 

I bet you’ve been to at least 3 health experts: a primary care doctor, acupuncturist, chiropractor, naturopath, a nutritionist that you don’t remember, maybe even a gastroenterologist, and you’ve read (or listened to) countless books, articles, podcasts and videos trying to find out what’s wrong with you and how to fix it. 

I know you are smart and committed and even when you follow a nutrition or health program better than anyone else, you are still not getting the results you are looking for. 

And, I know you are suffering and the people around you don’t even know how bad it is. 

I KNOW, because whenever I start talking to someone who is suffering from a health issue, I learn that they feel like they are all alone – that no one can help them. 

When I first started working with Jenna, she was suffering from SUGAR CRAVINGS, BLOATING, AND BELLY FAT.

By the time she came to me, she was working with 5 other experts, was doing “old lady CrossFit” (her words), had been on and off The Whole 30 diet, and was taking lots of high quality supplements (including CBD oil). 

But even though she was working hard at getting answers and getting better, she just wasn’t getting consistent results that she could maintain. 

According to Jenna, she was getting crappy sleep, felt fatigued, her hair was falling out and she was losing her muscle tone.

She thought something was wrong with her thyroid; she thought she might have adrenal fatigue; and she thought she had leaky gut and multiple food sensitivities.

All these diagnoses had Jenna going in too many different directions, without getting any results and she was giving up. 

She had eaten a bag of vegetable chips for dinner the night before I talked to her because she was too tired and achy to make dinner. 

So often people with Sensitive Metabolisms have trouble tracking their progress. 

They don’t know what (if anything) is working, and they just decide it’s too much work, so they might as well eat what they want.

But then nothing changes. 

Because so many really smart people suffer on their own with Sensitive Metabolisms, I created a simple course with the information, structure, and coaching that you’ll need to get yourself back on track. 

As one of my clients said in our last class, 


Ti is like my lifeguard. 

When I am drifting away and I can’t see the shore, when my eating choices are out of control and I’m spinning, I just have to get back in to see Ti. 

Once I’m back in class, Ti gets me back to shore and I can swim on my own again. She’s my Bay Watch Life Guard.” 

(Not to brag but she did mention I am like her own personal Pamela Anderson…)

After hearing the information in my free Gut Restore Workshop last week, one client said:

I’ve always thought your nutrition programs were brilliant, but this information is EXPONENTIAL. It really takes everything to the next level”  And he signed up on the spot for the Gut Restore Program that is starting up. 


In my 4-Class Series Gut Restore, I will guide you through the solutions you need for your Sensitive Metabolism AND your chronic stomach and digestive issues.

Because as Hippocrates, known as the Father of Medicine said over 2,000 years ago, 

“All disease begins in the gut.” — Hippocrates

This is such important information that I don’t want you to miss out for any reason.

You can register for the complete series below.

And even if you’re on the fence, I want to share with you all the information in Class 1 for free and give you the experience of what it feels like to be supported in our group. 

If you’re someone who can relate to Jenna’s story and have been trying to do it alone…

If you want to check out the Gut Restore Series, but are not yet ready to register…

Just send me an email at: [email protected] with the subject line: Gut Restore Free Class 1 Please.

And I’ll personally send you the information on how to attend Class 1 of Gut Restore next week (Wed, Oct 17 in Oakland, CA and Thurs, Oct 18 in Pleasant Hill, CA). 

I’d love if you would also share this invitation with your circle, if anyone comes to mind.. 

By the way…

Like the thousands of other people I have helped who suffer from Sensitive Metabolisms, Jenna was no longer bloated and had zero cravings after 3 days. 

After 7 days, she noticed that she did not have the old urge to emotionally eat. Even after an upsetting and difficult day, where her to do list was no where near complete, she still did not stop for In-N-Out Burger on her way home. 

In fact, she told me a simple drink of water was all she needed to relax after her hard day. 

“This was unthinkable just a week ago,” she said. 

After 21 days, Jenna was back in her skinny jeans (in fact, they were now loose) and she felt in control, confident, sexy even. 

Never forget that feeling good is always just a few days away if you have the right structure, support and coaching. 

Big Hugs,


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Click here to watch a 5-minute video on the emerging science about the gut and its importance to health and weight loss.

Gut Awesome! Restore Master Class
3 Mistakes Most People Make (and How You Can Avoid Them)
Cutting edge science has shown that the gut microbiome is the key to overall mental and physical health and the secret behind healthy, sustainable weight loss.

In this free Master Class, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what the gut microbiome is and why it is so important to good health
  • What you (and your family) have to stop doing right now because of the long-term harm to your gut and what you can do instead
  • How cutting edge testing can help you identify key issues and define an actionable plan based on this emerging science


SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

NEW Gut Awesome! Restore Class Series.
GUT AWESOME! Restore Multi-Class Program with Vitaliti Founder Ti Caudron, PhD

Cutting edge science has shown that the gut microbiome is the key to overall mental and physical health and the secret behind healthy, sustainable weight loss. 

In this class series, Ti distills the latest research into a practical and effective plan to replenish and optimize your gut. 

You’ll learn and take action steps around:

  • Exactly what the gut microbiome is and why it is so important to good health
  • Exactly what to eat and what not to eat to heal your gut. 
  • What you (and your family) have to stop doing right now because of the long-term harm to your gut and what you can do instead.
  • An explanation of the world of gut functional foods and supplements: probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, ferments and more. You’ll learn what to make, what to buy, what to take and most importantly what you are wasting your time and money on right now.
  • Testing to make sure that you are progressing. We use pH and metabolic testing in class and provide access to cutting edge genetic and dna sequencing if you want even more personalized information.
  • Access to true personalized solutions through cutting edge testing that can help you identify key issues and provide an actionable nutrition and supplement plan based on this emerging science. Click here for more information on these personalized solutions for the GI-MAP (cutting edge genetic and DNA sequencing) and click here for the Food Inflammation Tests.
  • A pathway to continue to stop inflammation and rebuild and heal your gut!

You will: 

  • Flatten and tone your belly
  • Firm your skin, reduce cellulite and make your wrinkles start to disappear!
  • Look and feel 10 years younger
  • Release 5-10 pounds of weight and 1-2 clothing sizes 
  • Reduce 1-3 inches on your waist
  • Eliminate pain – no more achy joints
  • Wake up refreshed and have consistent high energy through the day

Why This Program Works:

Scientists recently discovered revolutionary new information about the power of the bacteria in your gut. And by bacteria, we mean the bugs, the germs! It turns out, much of the bacteria in our body is good for us.

Gut bacteria

Unfortunately, you may have been on a life long killing spree of your friendly microscopic bugs and germs over the years without realizing it. Antibiotics, hand sanitizer, antibacterial soaps, birth control pills, pesticides, herbicides, flea killer, non-organic and fast food anyone? That In-N-Out burger you ate and the RoundUp you sprayed in your lawn will immediately eliminate some of your good bugs and taking just one course of antibiotics changes the complexity and diversity of your gut bacteria for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

“A healthy gut protects us from everything from the common cold to cancer. The connection between the gut and the immune system is quite significant because 80% of our immune system is located all along the boundary of the gut.” – Dr. Vincent Pedre, MD and author of Happy Gut

We all have trillions of good and bad bacteria (fungus and viruses too!) living in our intestines and throughout our body — hundreds of different species —all with different functions. Scientists call it our gut flora or gut microbiome. But the word gut is somewhat misleading because imbalances in these bacteria are not just about digestion, gas and bloating.

Scientists are now identifying specific strains of good bacteria that treat all kinds of problems from skin rashes to the flu. There is a whole industry developing bugs instead of drugs.

You need Gut Awesome! Restore.



You need Gut Awesome! Restore.

Scientists call the gut the “second brain” because your bacterial flora affect mood, cravings, and even serious brain disorders. Research suggests that anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, schizophrenia and even Alzheimer’s can all improve by reducing certain bad bugs and increasing the good ones in part because the good bacteria make neurotransmitters and vitamins while reducing inflammation.

“We all carry good and bad bugs— it’s the imbalance that seems to be the biggest trigger for our illnesses.”- Dr. David Perlmutter, MD and author of Grain Brain

Unfortunately when it comes to good gut bacteria many of us are in short supply. Dr. Pedre says we have: “an epidemic of disruption of the microbiome and the gut bacteria worldwide”caused in part by the widespread use and prescribing of antibiotics.”

Also to blame are the synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides and herbicides which have dumped billions of pounds of toxins into our water supply and rainfall annually.

To add insult to injury to our gut bacteria imbalance, most of us are regularly feeding our bad bugs.

Guess what they eat?
Sugar. Artificial sugar. Processed food.

And these bad bugs cause inflammation and disease.

The Good News for Gut Awesome! Restore

Your gut microbiome changes constantly. And with a few tweaks to your lifestyle, what you eat, and the supplements you take you can grow your gut ecosystem back into a beautiful garden!

In this ground breaking program, Ti Caudron, PhD will review this incredible new field of research to highlight the important points for how to make your GUT AWESOME! Restore.

The Gut Awesome! Restore 5-Class Program is designed to accelerate the process of healing and rebuilding your gut.

About Ti:

If you have taken a class with Dr. Ti, PhD, then you know you are in for a treat. She is gifted and passionate about pursuing the latest science and turning it into bite-sized, actionable steps for her unique programs. And, her warm, funny and inspirational coaching style will keep you interested, accountable and coming back!

Bring a Friend To Class 1 – Free Master Class:

We invite you to bring a friend to the first class for free as we know how much better we all learn when we are in good company and this information is too important to keep to ourselves! Who do you know who might be suffering from an imbalance in their gut?

– Ti and the Vitaliti Team


Vitaliti Free Class 1

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