Break through!


Introducing the VitaliTi

Weight Loss Break Through Program

Making weight loss inevitable.

Lose 8-30 lbs in 8-weeks and break free from the habits that keep you overweight so you can regain your confidence and energy and get into momentum to reach your optimal weight.

  • Even if you’re stressed out about the world
  • Even though the holidays are coming
  • Even if you don’t cook
  • Even if you don't exercise

When you join Weight Loss Break Through, you’re also signing up for the support and accountability of the VitaliTi Community.

Because of our unique approach to weight loss, our clients not only lose the weight the first time, their bodies keep it off.

Your mission...

Should you choose to accept it is to break free from the habits that keep you from reaching your optimal weight and health & lose 8-30 lbs (or 1-2 sizes) in 8 weeks...
so that you feel

healthy and confident

On your road to your optimal weight!

Hi, I'm Ti Caudron, PhD, and I make weight loss inevitable.

I specialize in working with people who have Sensitive Metabolisms™ just like me, which means we have the most trouble losing weight and keeping it off.

Hi, I'm Ti Caudron, PhD, and I make weight loss inevitable.

I specialize in working with people who have Sensitive Metabolisms™ just like me, which means we have the most trouble losing weight and keeping it off.

Here's What Else You're Getting

Each week, you’ll be able to come on live with Ti and the group on Zoom for a 75-minute deep dive into the weekly topic that enables you to:

  • Stay on track with your goals with weekly assessments and live training calls that address the current week’s curriculum and also celebrate successes, answer your questions, and offer hands-on support in meeting your challenges.
  • Participate in Ti’s motivating, amusing, and inspiring training each week so that you have the clarity, accountability, and structure needed to keep you on track and motivated.
  • Get re-inspired by Ti’s positive spirit and the VitaliTi community’s warm, non-judgmental support when your own commitment may be lagging.
  • Learn from any mistakes in this judgment-free support zone and get back on track quickly without going through a shame spiral.
  • Listen to recorded videos to catch up on anything that you miss or to review materials for greater clarity so that the learning works for you on your schedule.

Bonus Material

Recipe Inspiration


Menu Ideas

Thursday, Feb 4th

We want to help you hit the ground running, so we’ve added a Live Bonus Class with Ti and some of the VitaliTi Super Stars on the best practices for how to prepare and stock your pantry, fridge, and freezer; some recipe inspiration; and our favorite tried and true menu ideas.

The best part is that you do not have to be a cook to be successful on the Weight Loss Break Through.

If you prefer to have “easy buttons” and simpler ideas, we’ve got you covered.

If you love to cook and want to create some delicious, healthy options, we’ll give you tips and recipes to do that!

Assemble, blend, or cook your way to success!

Gut Restore

Ignore gut health and you will not achieve the long term health that you really want! In these recorded trainings, you'll learn how to eat to restore gut health and which supplements are helpful and which are not.

This will allow you to continue to:

  • Restore your energy
  • Improve your mental clarity
  • Improve your mood

As you learn to improve your digestion, nourish your gut, and stop doing things which damage the gut, you'll start to eliminate any of those frustrating symptoms of poor gut health like bloating, gas and burping.

After going through the

Weight Loss Break Through Program you'll...

  • Know exactly what eating style works best for you so that you don’t feel deprived when you eat, making it easy to lose weight
  • Tap into the natural chemistry of motivation and create the mindset and structure that keeps you excited and on track to achieve your goals for your health and weight loss
  • Learn how to create a hormonally balanced meal that leaves you feeling satisfied, energized and clear after you eat and keeps you full for 4-6 hours 
  • Learn how to apply the cutting edge science behind detoxification which will enable to you reset your metabolism and overcome any weight loss resistance
  • Eliminate your cravings so that you feel in control of your food choices and confident that you can be successful with your eating long term
  • Learn how to stay on the path to your optimal health and weight by giving you a new blueprint for how to navigate special occasions without backsliding
  • Apply the VitaliTi signature method to “Customize Your Perfect Diet™,” and learn a system that helps you choose which treats and foods you can include in your eating style and which rob you of your energy, vitality and optimal weight, making it easy for you to want to eat what works best for your body

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100% Money-Back Guarantee if you don’t lose 8-30 lbs or 1-2 clothing sizes in 8 weeks*

Because the VitaliTi Weight Loss Break Through gets results, we’re willing to take all the risk and let you do the program, attend the group coaching calls and do the program risk free. 

*By the end of the 8 weeks, If you attend all the weekly live coaching calls, follow the program, keep a food journal, and ask for help if you get stuck, we guarantee that you will lose 8-30 lbs or 1-2 clothing sizes in 8 weeks or your money back.



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