Weight Loss Resistance: Social Environment

Is your partner to blame for why you can’t lose weight?

Let’s face it. It’s not easy to lose weight when the people around you are eating and drinking all the things you are trying to avoid.

Did you know that the 5 people you’re around the most will directly influence your health and weight (not to mention, income and many other aspects)?

The second obstacle in our series on sneaky reasons you can’t lose weight is your personal and social environment. (If you missed the first installment, read here about how sneaky toxins can be contributing to weight loss resistance.)

Key #2: Personal and Social Environment

Foods and beverages that are in your visual field (in your home, office, etc.) are likely to trigger food cravings and lead you to eating when you are not hungry. Ever find yourself staring into the fridge when you’re bored? Or sharing your partner’s food when you weren’t even hungry before?

Studies show that people modify their eating behavior to match the person they are eating with. Eat with someone who eats healthier than you, and you’ll make healthy choices. Likewise, eating with someone with less healthy habits will influence your behavior, too.

So, you can be that person drinking water (or a green smoothie) at the bar or…

Cleanse your social environment. Make it easier on yourself to be healthy by making partners-in-health of your inner circle. Bring a partner, friend, or coworker with you to a Vitaliti Wellness 30 day cleanse and eliminate the second sneaky reason you can’t lose weight. Making a commitment to your health is way easier when you have a partner—not only does it help you remain accountable, but, let’s be honest, it’s just more fun!

On all of Vitaliti’s cleanse programs, you’ll eat and drink foods and beverages that will nourish you and optimize your ability to lose weight.

What exactly does it mean to detox?

In the first installment of 5 Sneaky Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight, we discussed toxins. To start optimizing your metabolism and reducing your body’s toxic load, you need to add nourishing foods and supplements to your diet, and remove the ones that will burden your liver and other organs of detoxification.

Your liver goes through two phases to eliminate toxins. To properly detoxify, your body needs all the co-factors, nutrients and enzymes to support this process. This includes sulfur amino acids and B-vitamins. If you are not digesting your food well (or eating the right things), you may not have either of these raw materials in items in the correct amounts to properly detoxify.

In our classes, we add high quality supplements to fill in the gap while we also teach the principles of what to eat to improve digestion and detoxification. VegeCleanse (previously PaleoCleanse) includes the sulfur amino acids necessary for the body to detoxify and is one of our favorite functional foods. We also suggest adding sulfur containing foods like garlic, broccoli, onions, cauliflower, and eggs.

Our other favorite supplement for detoxing are the Detoxification Support Packets, which help support Phase II Detoxification and help many people to overcome the weight loss yo-yo in which they lose fat only to regain inflammation.



VegeCleanse includes the nutrients needed to support and balance phase I and II detoxification and promotes healthy liver function and elimination.




Detoxification Support Packets help the body eliminate the toxins we are inundated with, and regulate the release of toxins from the fat, so the we can maintain an effective rate of weight loss.



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