Weight Loss Resistance (Part 1 of 5)

Why won’t my weight budge?

I’ve had great success with the Vitaliti Wellness 30-Day RESET in the past, dropping 3 sizes and 12 pounds of fat! Now, I’m having a difficult time taking the weight off that I gained over the holidays. I’m doing all the right things—I’ve been eating clean and working out with a personal trainer, but, this time, the weight is not coming off. Do you think it could be because I just turned 50 or because I am on the birth control pill? What should I do?

I get this question all the time. You are not alone, if you have trouble losing weight. We call this weight loss resistance. You might be relieved to know that the answer is not to eat less and exercise more.

Over the past 15 years in my nutrition practice, I regularly help people—who are weight loss resistant—release weight and inches (and along the way they regain their energy, ditch their cravings and feel much younger)!

We’ve taken the keys to overcoming weight loss resistance and built them into our programs, helping thousands of people learn and implement these often overlooked variables.

If you’re working hard at eating right and exercising but not getting the results, you’ll want to consider the five keys that could be sabotaging your weight loss.

Key #1: Toxins

Whether it’s the smoke from the recent fires in California or the chemicals in tap water, toxins are everywhere—in the air, the water, the soil, our food, skin care products…the list goes on. Recent studies are revealing that environmental toxins can trigger higher glucose levels, weight gain, insulin resistance, and diabetes!

How do you know if toxins are impacting your metabolism? You might experience a difficulty losing weight or keeping it off; drops in energy; subtle issues with your thyroid (for example, a normal TSH but a low T3 level); sex hormone imbalances; a slightly lower than normal body temperature; heightened sensitivity to smells, foods, supplements, chemicals, even emotions; or blood sugar issues or insulin resistance. All of these symptoms could be caused by a higher toxic burden than your body can handle.


How to eliminate toxic burden

If you try to lose weight without addressing the toxic load, your body can actually release more toxins that have been stored in your fat, creating inflammation and a yo-yo weight loss/weight gain cycle that gets you nowhere.

In our flagship cleanse program, the 30-Day RESET, we use an elimination diet to remove foods and beverages that could be sabotaging your body’s ability to detoxify. We include specific whole foods and supplements (particularly, VegeCleanse and Detox Support Packets) to support natural detoxification. Did you know that your body needs specific nutrients to support and balance your liver’s Phase I and Phase II detoxification stages? Order those below to get started.

Stay tuned for the next post, in which we’ll go over the nutrients that will help you break out of this toxic cycle.


VegeCleanse includes the nutrients needed to support and balance phase I and II detoxification and promotes healthy liver function and elimination.




Detoxification Support Packets help the body eliminate the toxins we are inundated with, and regulate the release of toxins from the fat, so the we can maintain an effective rate of weight loss.



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