Vitaliti RESET Cleanse


The Vitaliti RESET Cleanse  is a clean eating cleanse program taught through  4 or 5 weekly classes (21-Day or 30-Day Programs).

The Vitaliti RESET is designed to make it FUN and EASY to RESET your eating patterns, taste buds, and metabolism.

By removing potentially toxic, inflammatory and addictive foods and beverages and by putting in specific nutritious combinations, your body and brain get deeply nourished.

This is a tried and true whole foods eating system that will get you off of sugar and other inflammatory foods and beverages and into high quality nutrition!

Our in-person class includes weekly metabolic analysis which will give you the feedback and accountability to stay on track.

The over 10,000 people who have completed our programs can attest to the fact that the system is great for moving you to a different nutritional level.

Vitaliti Free Class 1

Price: $0.00


Available Spaces: Unlimited

21-Day RESET with a Twist - Pleasant Hill

Price: $279.00

Date: 05/14/2019

The Center for Conscious Living
140 Mayhew Way, Suite 200
Pleasant Hill, CA
94523 Map and Directions

Available Spaces: 50

21-Day RESET with a Twist - Piedmont

Price: $279.00

Date: 05/15/2019

The Dailey Method Studio - Piedmont
4409 Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, CA
94611 Map and Directions

Available Spaces: 50

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Emeryville, CA Location:
The Vitality Center: 5901 Christie Ave, Suite 105, Emeryville, CA 94608

Piedmont, CA Location:
The Dailey Method Piedmont : 4409 Piedmont Ave; Oakland, CA, 94611

Pleasant Hill, CA Location:
The Center for Conscious Living: 140 Mayhew Way, Suite 200, Pleasant Hill, CA


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Vitaliti in-person RESET program includes:

– 4 / 5  weigh ins on the metabolic scale (Tanita)  to measure body fat, muscle, hydration and inflammation
– weekly analysis of your progress and Tanita numbers
– 4 / 5 lively and informative talks with Q&A sessions
– electronic downloads of the RESET Program including Easy Button Schedules, shopping lists, food plans, recipe guides and lots of information. There are also audio recordings of each class so you can review the information at your own pace.

The RESET is tried and true, having been successfully completed by thousands of participants. It is both structured yet flexible so you can adapt it to your goals, activity level and metabolic type. As the inventor and key instructor, Ti Caudron, PhD, likes to say “the RESET works every time you work it!”

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The Vitaliti Wellness 21-Day or 30-Day RESET w/ a TWIST, was created by Ti Caurdon, PhD, a life-long health and wellness advocate, healthy living coach and corporate wellness consultant. The program is now considered a premier San Francisco Bay Area wellness / weight loss and healthy living program. It continues to receive great acclaim from its participants and why not? It is founded the most recent scientific principles and research and combined with a great variety of motivating stories and action steps that can get everyone to achieve remarkable results.

Simply put, if you want to achieve  your optimum body composition and metabolic rate while also gaining muscle and eliminating toxins—essentially implementing a RESET for your health, then this is the program for you! And did we mention that this program will also leave you feeling WAY better and healthier than you ever have?

Learn cutting-edge secrets that will increase your energy, strengthen mental focus, and maximize wellness and weight loss!

Our bottom-line goal is to empower you with a solid understanding of what whole foods work best for you and your specific body type and explain why in clear and accessible language. With results that will enable you to start building a more healthful choice-filled diet that will lead to your own enhanced physical and mental vitality!

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Who is the program for?

The Vitaliti 21 or 30-Day RESET w/ a TWIST Cleanse is designed for anyone who want to:

  • Lose that dreaded “Belly Fat”!
  • Experience a sustainable and healthy energy boost!
  • Balance their hormones
  • Build healthy and metabolism-supporting muscle mass
  • Find their ideal body weight/composition
  • Super-charge and Reset and Reboot their metabolism
  • Become exercise wise and workout motivated
  • Eliminate toxic and health-sacrificing food cravings
  • Identify their food intolerance patterns and food allergies
  • Remove Food Addictions (especially sugar, fat and salt!)
  • Learn to thoroughly enjoy tasty, satisfying and healthy whole foods
  • And look and feel their best ever!

If you are:

  • Needing more one-on-one support and guidance
  • Wanting more background information about Cleanse and Detox processes
  • Having a lot of program questions confusion
  • Possess the extra time to commit to the 30-Day program
  • Stuck with a history of failed diets or weight loss
  • Are committed to a remarkable change in your life
Then this is the program for you!
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If you live too far away to attend one of our classes in person, we also have a Virtual Class that is adaptable to your distance and time constraints.