ZIPPI Reset 14-Day Accelerated Cleanse – Piedmont

05/30/2018 – 06/13/2018

4409 Piedmont Avenue

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The Vitaliti ZIPPI Reset is a  14-Day Accelerated  Cleanse and is the rocket ship version of the 30-Day RESET Clean Eating program. The ZIPPI Reset is specifically for busy results-oriented people. It delivers the same science-based insights as the 30-Day in a highly condensed format. If you want to detox & optimize your metabolism , using our traditional plant based eating style or a modified Keto eating style, this ZIPPI program is for you!
Class #1: Wednesday, May 30th 8PM – 10PM
Class #2: Wednesday, June 6th 8PM -10PM
Class #3: Wednesday, June 13th 8PM – 10PM
Metabolic Tanita Weigh-Ins: 8PM -8:15Pm
Class and Questions: 8:15PM – 10PM


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