Tanita Weigh-In Packages

Great News! Now you have 2 cost-saving options for your Tanita Weigh-in Sessions!

Tanita Option 1: Single Tanita Weigh-In
 1 Tanita Weigh-In: 
Price: $20.00

(This payment cannot be refunded or prorated for partial usage.)

Tanita Option 2:  Five Tanita Weigh-ins

Incredible Value at only $15 per session when purchased as a set of 5 Sessions!
(Normal Tanita Per-Session pricing is $25 per session)

Price: $75.00
(This payment cannot be refunded or prorated for partial usage.)

TanitaBodyCompositionAnalyzer-TBF-300AThe Tanita Weigh-in Overview

Weighing-in on the Tanita scale every week will help you stay on track and keep focused on achieving your body composition changes while working and maintaining your individual Wellness Program.


  • Your weight and body composition statistics (fat / water / muscle breakout) taken on the accurate and state-of-the-art Tanita scale
  • Tanita scale tracking sheets to record your body composition information, measure your progress and identify any plateaus or challenges
  • BONUS — Your Weigh-In Questions answered by your Tanita Team at your weigh-in location (subject to availability of Tanita Team and their customer care duties)
PLEASE NOTE: The Tanita “5 Session” weigh-in package expires 3 months from date of purchase.  If you wish to attend a Vitaliti class then you must register for each class or series you wish to join. You must also bring your Tanita Weigh-In tracker with you to each Tanita weigh-in session in order to participate.
Tanita Weigh-in Package Locations:

Your Tanita is limited to Tanita “Office Hours”:

In Person class Locations — Tanita Weigh-in period is first 15 minutes of scheduled class time.

Current schedule

What’s so special about the Tanita Scales we use?

We’re glad you asked! Tanita Weigh-ins are about more than just weight…

They are about the ratio of muscle/fat/water that are present in your body at the time of measurement. This information is a critical equation when it comes to understanding your own health and wellness.

With a Tanita Weigh-in you are getting a accurate and comprehensive body composition analysis that goes far beyond just simple “pounds lost or gained”… It truly gives you insight into the full story of your bodies composition and how you are metabolizing your fuels.

Why Tanita?

Because Tanita is a Worldwide Leader for personal and professional electronic scales and body composition tracking!

Tanita is a success story and their expanding global presence is the result of superior technology, unique design, and high manufacturing standards that have earned ISO 9001 certification, CE marking, membership in the JQA (Japanese Quality Association), FDA clearance and the Good Housekeeping Seal.

As an leader in the study of the relationship between a person’s weight and well-being, Tanita Research teams analyze not only medical and nutritional conditions, but also the impact of physical activity, psychological stress and sociological factors.

Today, Tanita is looking beyond scales to products that enable consumers to monitor their own health. Based on medical evidence linking excess body fat to heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers, Tanita introduced the world’s first integrated body composition analyzer/scale to the professional markets in 1992. Using the same technology used in our professional analyzers Tanita developed the world’s first scale plus body fat monitor for home use in 1994. Backed by extensive clinical research and an independent medical advisor board, Tanita’s accuracy, innovation and durability are trusted worldwide.

This pioneering work has led to the creation of an entirely new category of consumer products that could make the conventional weight scale obsolete. Used by physicians, clinicians, health and fitness experts worldwide, Tanita is considered the gold standard of bio-electric impedance analysis scales and monitors.

Simply put, Tanita’s products and goals are to help people enjoy healthier lives and that is a perfect fit for the Vitaliti model of wellness.