Vitaliti Mastery ~ The All Inclusive Pass

Mastery provides unlimited access to everything Vitaliti offers for one low monthly price.

You’ll get access to everything – at every location – including the new “Gut Awesome” Program, the Keto Cleanse, the RESET, the Zippi classes and all of the classes w/ a Twist…plus  any new offerings that come along – both in-person and online.
Every quarter, in addition to taking any Vitaliti Programs that are offered, the Mastery Group meets together for coaching, support, accountability and for speciality curriculum. Plus, there are opportunities to do private coaching with Ti and the Vitaliti Coaches.
Now, with only a 6-month commitment, and monthly payments, the Mastery program will keep you interested with new information as well as the coaching to keep you motivated.
Price: $139.00 per month
Pleasant Hill: The Center For Conscious Living – 140 Mayhew Way, Suite 200, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Piedmont: The Dailey Method Piedmont: 4409 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA



Vitaliti’s Mastery Program is your Exclusive ticket. All Inclusive… All Access Pass… to EVERYTHING Vitaliti Wellness offers. 

Woman Jumping In JoyBecause you deserve that level of commitment to your health goals. 

If you have taken RESET or Zippi, you know how well the Vitaliti Programs work for you WHEN you are fully commit. Only what happens when you feel like trying a different eating style? The Mastery Program is the next step to keep you super-focused and on-track to realizing your goals while also empowering you with the advanced-nutrition cutting-edge knowledge you need.

Price: $139.00 per month
Your membership will automatically renew after the initial 6-month period. If you wish to cancel after the initial 6-month period, you must provide written notice 30 days in advance of the next billing date to Vitaliti Wellness via email to [email protected].

Mastery Membership: Serious results for seriously motivated people…
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